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Tennis Coaching:

We provide many different types of tennis programmes to suit every individual's needs, tailored to suit you.

  • Help to improve Tactical Knowledge
  • Improve matchplay ability
  • General ground stroke play
  • Movement and balance around the court
  • Serving technique to develop speed and accuracy
  • Technical Skills in the game
  • Video analysis

Whatever skills you choose to improve on, Elite Tennis Coaches will make sure your knowledge and playing ability increases to a higher level within a matter of just two days.

Personal Hitting Partners:

Elite Tennis provides daily drilling programmes and match play experience. We provide players and coaches for clients ranging in standards from high club level to former world ranked players. Our current coaches ratings vary from 8.1-2.1 based on the L.T.A rating standards.

No matter what standard of player you are we make sure that we provide you with the right tennis coach to suit your needs.

Fitness Training:

Our Fitness Training Service is for people looking to improve on their fitness knowledge and increase on their strength, power, speed and general health.

We provide daily programmes to suit your needs and involve the following areas...

  • Speed around the court
  • Balance and co-ordination
  • Improve on reaction time
  • Strengthening and toning of the muscles
  • Improving your endurance

Our programmes cater for everyone, whether you are a complete beginner or a fitness fanatic, our programmes will suit your standard and fitness goals.

All programmes range from 1-5 hours per day. 90% of all fitness programmes are performed on a tennis court unless other private facilities are chosen and provided by you.